Manufacturing Services

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Zepto Ghana has a state of the art factory to meet high volume demand production for a international standard product. We design and produce electronics and services. The first company to assemble laptops, desktops in Ghana.

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Repair & Maintenance Services

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With our manufacturing capacity we help maintain and provide after sale services to our customers across the country. We also provide accessories and repairs or part replacement for all our product line.

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Product Customization

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We provide detailed customization based on design and specification to several bodies such as Government, NGO, Churches, Educational Institutes and Corporate Organization who wish to stand out with our product. We also make discount to medium scale business that would buy large volume of our products.

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ICT Training

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Established in 2011, Zepto training is a subsidiary of Zepto Ghana Ltd; manufacturers of digital TV, Laptops and Tablets. Zepto really does open the doors to a world of ICT opportunities. We currently have three programmes running in the ares of Hardware & Networking (ZCSE), Multimedia Desgin (ZCMD) and Software Programming (ZCCP).

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