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Types of Job Applications and How to Apply for Jobs

Getting ready to start a job search? This job application guide includes information on how to complete a job application, paper job applications, online applications, and employer direct applications.
Also review job application samples, examples, and forms and everything else you need to know to successfully apply for a job.


Online Job Applications

There are thousands sites where you can post your resume online and complete an online job application. Some sites let you upload an existing resume with the click of a button. On other sites, you can copy and paste or use a resume building wizard. We can teach you how to apply for a job online.


In Person Job Applications

Many companies, especially retail and hospitality employers, expect applicants to apply in person. It's not as complicated as applying online, but you will need to be prepared to apply and interview on the spot.


Email Job Applications

When you are using email to apply for jobs, it's important that all your communications are as professional as they would be if you were mailing a paper resume and cover letter. We can advice on how to submit job applications via email.


Information Required to Complete a Job Application

When you complete a job application, regardless of whether it is a paper application or an online job application, there is information you will need to provide in order to complete the job application and submit your application for employment.


How to Complete a Job Application

at TESB we have all the information you will need to complete an application for employment and tips and suggestions for writing applications that make a great impression.


Job Application Mistakes to Avoid

A mistake in your job application can cost you an interview. We can help you avoid some of the most common mistakes applicants make on employment applications.


Sample Employment Applications

Review sample employment application forms, then download a copy, print, and fill it out so you know what information you need to have ready to apply for jobs.


Supporting Documents for a Job Application

We can help you organise your supporting documents. These are the documents that may be required when applying for a job. Supporting documentation for a job application may include a resume, a cover letter, your transcript, a writing sample, Veterans' Preference documents, portfolios, certifications, a reference list, and letters of recommendation, employment certificates, and other supporting documentation as specified in the job posting.