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An employment bureau should be a place you go and have access to employment requirements and opportunities, including supports when you find a job (in and out of jobs). This support should be available for the whole career space. It should not be limited to new entrants only. It should also provide retirement options and more… This is the type of employment bureau we want to run to support employable people at any level to get employed and be successful in employment and career.

We start by profiling the job skill requirement understanding what employers need from their employees. We then provide the skill update programs until there is proper match between skills and job requirements. Then we look for job openings for these people and we are sure they will get employed. Next we move to autopilot to provide supports for success and career progression for our members.
We would give you access to industry profiles, how to shift between industries or sectors successfully, meet employers performance expectations, how to negotiate better compensation in line with own productivity and performance profile. We would counsel, mentor and coach in these regards.
I am therefore excited and with our team to welcome you to a lifelong productive relationship. Together we would build a better corporate community in Nigeria first and the rest of the world. We would make you different, we would make you stand out we would make you successful.

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